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Evangelizing The Islands - jessesgirl6906 — LiveJournal

May. 17th, 2007 08:49 pm Evangelizing The Islands

Evangelizing the Islands

All right, I’m finally on my own getaway island, with Sue and Rose, the three musketeers from Ste. Marie’s, coming to the islands to evangelize. This is going to be so much fun, I wonder how everyone at Ste. Marie’s is doing.
Let’s go for a swim before we start socializing and evangelizing, after all this is supposed to be a vacation as well as a mission.
So we went for a swim. The water was so nice and warm, and crystal clear! The water really did look like it was blue! This is going to be an awesome week.
Remember Mandy, you’re not here to relax the whole week, and you have work to do.
Yeah, I know I have work to do, but I just got here. Well, I guess the first thing we should do that’ll really help us is to find the nearest Catholic Church, or a list of them to see if we can set up meeting dates with the parishes.
Why did father Marc pick us to go on this mission trip? We’re not the evangelization team!
So I open up the phone book and there’s no catholic churches listed.
Oh Lord, please tell me there’s at least one Catholic Church down here! There has to be, or else father Marc wouldn’t have sent us… or would he?
I know, let’s go to the library they must have some books or directory numbers that we could use.
You have to find the library first you dummy!
Why is my brain calling me a dummy? Who gave him the authority to be mean? Why I’ll show him!
Ah-ha! I found it, church of the Holy Spirit… yippee! And it’s charismatic too this is going to be so easy…wait…maybe?
OK, now that we have that… time to go meet with these people and see what they don’t already know

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