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Lenten Argument - jessesgirl6906 — LiveJournal

May. 24th, 2007 06:50 pm Lenten Argument

Lenten argument


Well, we’re in lent again.I am so excited to read at the 7PM mass tonight for Ash Wednesday. I’m going to get there extra early to make sure I’m guaranteed a spot.


Excuse me, this is your mind speaking, I’m functioning on barely 4 hours of sleep here, and you expect me to be able to function properly to read without a nap?

Well… Patrick is sleeping, so I think I’m going to go lay down and take a snooze until 5. That should be sufficient enough.

Mandy, there’s something bothering Sue… call her now.

Call Sue, yeah I need to call Sue… maybe later I’m sleeping.


Wow, you’re awfully demanding this afternoon aren’t we? Zzzz….

Well at least I slept for 15 minutes; I can’t sleep anymore, now I’ll…

Ring, Ring…

Well I don’t have to call her now, because she’s calling me. Or at least I think it’s her, yep it is.

So Bill told Sue that they no longer want her in the group because her brain tumor has caused her vocal power to disintegrate. Bill also told Sue that 90% of the people auditioning on Sunday afternoon have not even a slim chance of getting in. She’s balling her eyes out on the phone.

He what! Why that little @$$hole I’ll show him that you don’t mess with my friends like that, there are going to be fireworks after mass and they are not going to be very pleasant.What could I possibly have said to Sue to make her feel better at that point? She now has me crying too, because I know I’m in that 90% range.


All right Mandy, this is your big moment, I’ve been telling you all week that this is not where I want you, your voice deserves better usage, and now this is the icing on the cake, go for it!Yep, I’m not auditioning on Sunday, and I’m letting him know as nice as I possibly can act. I told Sue that no matter how much it hurts her to do it, walk by that stage with her head held high and a smile on her face, because if they see that, they’ll know she has the power to take in whatever they dish at her and nothing will get her down. I told her I loved her, and I’d be here for her whenever she needed someone, I even offered to sit with her and not read, but she insisted that I read, and I did, I took the first reading because it described what me and her were going through together at that time, and I portrayed the emotion very well.


And as for Bill, he is going to wish he never opened his mouth to Sue, because now he has to deal with me, and I’m moody for some reason, and quite cranky due to only getting four hours of sleep. He is going to wish he never even asked if I was ready for Sunday. If he says anything to me or even looks at me, he’s done.

So I walked up to church at 6:30, expecting the 5:30 mass to be somewhat finished… nope, mass didn’t end until 6:45. So once mass was officially done I started the task as lead lector, getting books set up and prepared and checking my own reading. Bill came into the chapel to set up his guitar and go on stage, he looks at me and says hello. I say nothing in response. He walks away, and I hear him whisper something to one of the lead singers, Mary Kate.

Looks like you scared him away, nice job! You’re handling this quite well. Keep your cool, don’t rat him out after mass, be the kind person you always are, even though you want to ring his neck around the nearest poll.

Boy would I ever. Mass proceeds and as we pass the stage in the procession, our eyes meet, mine misty from tears starting to well up. The same thing happens at the end of mass. After I grab my stuff, I go over to Sue and say I’m going to do what I have to do, pray for me that I don’t over react.

Now remember, be gentle with him, he’s a guy, his feelings get hurt easily.

I call him over to the corner, and simply say with a smile and a little shake in my voice, that I do not agree with the way he’s treating Sue, and that we’re not up here to perform a concert, we’re hear to sing for the Lord, and if that is what he’s after is a concert band, then he should go and find another place to direct. I also asked him nicely about the 90% of the people auditioning not making the cut, and I asked if I was one of that 90% and he said unfortunately, yes you are one of the people that will not make it. And at that point I just said thank you, then take me off your list and save yourself the hassle of hearing me for no reason. I’ve been rejected five times within the past year, and I’m not about to make it six with a stupid group like this one. I’ll be praying for you, because you obviously need prayer to help strengthen your leadership abilities. And with that stormed away to go find Sue, at this point just letting all the tears of frustration that have been building up since the beginning of mass fly out on her shoulder.

Well done, good and faithful servant, that is exactly what you needed to say, and I am proud that you help out so tough.






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