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Today's Question (Mosaic) - jessesgirl6906 — LiveJournal

May. 30th, 2007 06:56 pm Today's Question (Mosaic)

Today’s Question


Yelling, screaming… hitting and smacking. My life

Thoughts reeling through my head. Live…die, which to choose?

There are so many ways I could do this.

Knives, pills, ropes… jump, roadways and freight trains.

Dreams…shattered. Life…ruined. Relationship…shot down.

Dreams shattered forever. College and career, marriage and children…gone.

Bleeding and dying, I’m finally going to a place where I no longer hurt.

No more crying and no more tears. Fear…oppression…gone. Replaced with the crown of forgiveness.

But wait… family and friends, teachers, co-workers…shocked, saddened, shattered.

Selfish…yes, quite at this point. Would I really deserve that crown of forgiveness? Have I really been forgiven?

Friends… Rose, Sue, and Marlena and Colleen… Crying, uncontrollable. Devastated.

Family… Mom, Sue…Carol, Dennis, Tyler… John, Cheryl…Confused. Why did she do this? What was she thinking? What hurt her so bad?

Teachers… surprised, shocked, angry… Mrs. Langer, Mrs. Stratton, Francoeur, Tafe, Flurey… such potential to make a difference in the world, she made a difference in ours.

Co-workers…lost. No more jokes, or movie nights… no more laughs when they were needed and no more “not on my shift” lines. Gone forever.

Enemies… Aubrey and Bill, Mrs. Adams… will not miss her at all, thank gosh she’s gone, we won’t miss her, she wouldn’t mount to anything anyways.

To live… or not to live, that is the question at hand.

Current Mood: moodymoody
Current Music: Good Hearted Woman

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