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A Relationship For the Books (Short Story) - jessesgirl6906 — LiveJournal

Jun. 8th, 2007 08:55 pm A Relationship For the Books (Short Story)

A Relationship For The Books


It was a Friday morning and Linda was just starting her 12-hour shift as a taxi driver. A lot of people think 12 hours in a taxi cab has to be boring, but she actually doesn’t mind that much because she loves driving and she gets more money in tips. Her first couple of drives were the normal grocery store pick-up and drop-offs with the occasional doctor appointment. It was actually quite slow considering it was a Friday, but she was sure it would pick up later so she enjoyed the slowness of the day. Soon it was lunchtime, but she didn’t know where she wanted to go.

“Well, I do have to go home and grab some clothes for Mandy’s surprise birthday party tonight, so I’ll go home and do that first,” she said.

So she went into her house and went to her formal closet, since it was a dance type party and she wanted to look unusually formal. Linda was not one for dresses except for important occasions. So she proceeded to look through her closet. When she thought she’d found something she liked, she took it out and held it against her and looked in front of her closet mirror.

“Nope, too short.”

Next she took out a long red dress with silver sparkles. Last time she’d worn this was to a wedding she sang at back in June.

“Everyone loved it when I wore this one, they said red was my color,” she said out-loud as she placed it in her travel bag.

Then she found her red sandal heels, and found complimenting jewelry and make-up and placed them in the other compartments of her travel bag.

“Geez, that took less time than I thought it would, I still have over an hour for lunch!” Linda said as she looked at her watch, “now for the real reason I’m out, LUNCH!”

While Lind was trying to figure out where to go for lunch, it dawned on her that she was supposed to bring someone with her to the dance tonight, and she did not have a date.

“I don’t think they’re going to mind if I don’t come with anyone, but I should probably at least make the attempt to invite someone,” she said.

So she took out her male address book and started flipping through the pages, stopping to dial numbers of possible dates. A few of them answered but already had plans; some said they didn’t want to go. She finished calling and still had about an hour left, and being that it was so slow she could take a longer lunch than normal.

“You know, Pizza Hut sounds good, I think I’ll have it delivered too,” Linda finally decided.

While she was waiting for the pizza, she sat down to read the daily paper. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Now who could that possibly be?” she said, “I didn’t order anything, and all my friends know I’m working, and they’d call my cell phone first.”… As she walked to the door.

She opened the door to find an encyclopedia door salesman.

“Hello, my name is Bobby and I was wondering if you’d like to…”

Linda was half listening to what this Bobby dude was saying, as she found him so handsome that she was too busy looking at him.

Linda, what the heck are you thinking? He’s a door-to-door guy that you just met; you can’t invite him to Mandy’s party without even knowing him!

“Excuse me, miss? Are you still listening?” Bobby said, waving his hand in front of Linda’s face to grab her attention.

“Huh? Oh, sorry, I was sidetracked… Won’t you please come in? Are you hungry? I just ordered a pizza and don’t think I’ll finish it all by myself.”

“Why certainly, I’d love some.” Bobby responded with a smile.

So they sat down at the dinner table together to eat the pizza. While they were eating, they started general conversation to learn more about each other.

“I’m so glad the Red Sox swept the Yankees last week,” Bobby said.

“Yes, that was a pretty pathetic three days for those Yankees, they really showed how bad they were,” Linda agreed.

Well, he’s a Red Sox fan, and he’s also a Ste. Marie’s Parishioner, that’s two pluses on your side, go for three, ask him to the party!“Hey Bobby…” Linda began… “ I know all you came here to do was sell a set of boring encyclopedias, and we just met and all… but I have a surprise birthday party to go to tonight at the Executive Court Yard and was wondering if you’d like to be my date for the evening?”


Bobby was lost for words at first, and then managed to say he’d love to.

“Great, the party starts at 7PM, I’m guessing that’s when Mandy is expected to arrive, and I want to get a good seat near the door to watch her come in, so how about I pick you up for 6:15?” Linda said, with excitement.

“Oh no, please allow me the pleasure of picking YOU up, after all, the man usually picks up his date,” Bobby said with a smile. “Is this a formal party?”

“Yes, it is. There’s dancing as well.” Linda answered.

“Alright!” Bobby screeched! “I haven’t been dancing since my wife passed away last year, I’ll see you back here at promptly 6:15.”

And with that, Bobby skipped out the door, and Linda watched as Bobby bounced down the driveway.

“Well, I made someone happy, now it’s time to go back to work,” Linda said to herself as she went back to the taxicab. Even after that her next call didn’t come in for another hour and a half. So she took the free time to visit people she hadn’t seen in a while and called people on her cell phone to tell them about her new beau that she had met randomly at her doorstep.

Finally a call came in for her to go get someone at a grocery store. So she hung up her cell phone and drove the grocery store customer to her house and helped unload groceries. Since she had no other people waiting she might as well make use of her time.

Finally, it was 5:30 and Linda was allowed to park the cab for the night and go home to get ready. She hadn’t planned on going with anyone so she had her dress and stuff in a duffle bag to get dressed before she left the station. But now Bobby was going with her and thankfully her replacement got there early, so she grabbed her duffle bag and threw it into her Toyota Matrix and drove herself home to get ready. She was so excited. She was done getting ready by 6:05 and had 10 minutes to wait for Bobby. She never even asked what kind of car he had, but she was sure it was better than her dented Toyota.

“Gosh, I hope Bobby likes my outfit,” Linda said as she twirled around in her pretty red dress.

Just then the doorbell rang and she knew it had to be Bobby.

“He’s early!” Linda shouted.

“She ran to the door to answer it and couldn’t wait to see Bobby all dressed up. When she answered the door, she was still not prepared for what she saw. There was Bobby, tall, and extremely handsome, in a very formal black tux with a rose corsage on his coat. And a matching one in a box for Linda. He took her hand and led her out with a smile to their waiting car…

He owns a Lexus! Holy crap, enjoy this night and do everything in your power to keep this man!

So they enjoyed the ride to the restaurant and were one of the first people there, getting a perfect spot in the room. When Many walked in, she was totally surprised. The DJ was awesome and played anything you wanted done. After they sang Happy Birthday to Mandy and had food, Linda went up to the DJ to see if they had “In The Mood,” which was an old swing dance song that, through conversations, Bobby had mentioned, was his wife’s favorite song to dance to. He did have it, and Bobby and Linda danced the night away, and the rest, as they say, was history. Maybe the next time an encyclopedia set was printed, they’d be in it.



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