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May. 12th, 2007 09:30 am Free Verse Poems

A life so young, fragile and pure.
We had so many plans
July 3rd, 2009 was our wedding bell day.
Jacqueline, Lydia and Cheryl our three hopeful daughters.
Mrs. Isabelle would be me; I’d be the psycho crazy teacher everyone wanted.
Our wedding, our life, our future…
But God had other plans, because this family would be together eternally, we were engaged for eternity on June 9th, 2006, when God called you home.

You tried
You cried
I was there to hold you up
You thought you lost,
But really you won, because Jesus has victory over the grave, so you have victory over all.
You were lost, but I saved you.
You were lonely, but I found you.
You were sad, but I made you laugh.
I think this is God’s way of saying…
We were meant for each other.

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May. 10th, 2007 03:23 pm The Day The Music Died

The day the music died

It was Friday, June 9th, 2006. 5:30 evening mass had just let out, and me and my friends, Rose Marie and Sue had planned to go out for a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, Ruby Tuesday’s out near the mall of New Hampshire. We decided instead of taking three cars and following each other, we’d all pile into Rose’s Mercury Villager and go as a group.
“It’s nice to know I have friends like you two to go out with every once in a while,” I said hopping into the front seat.
“Well, thanks Mandy, I’m glad I met you too,” Sue responded, as she piled into the back seat.
“Yeah, me too, but remember the weird ways we both met each other.” replied Rose as she started the van.
Rose is one of those people where you never know what she is going to say or what she is going to do.
“Yeah, that’s true,” I replied, reminiscing over the first time meeting Rose and the first time meeting Sue.
I had seen Rose at mass for a long time, but never bothered to say hello, one day she took the first step in our friendship, and little did she know that it saved my life, if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have been here. Ever since then she’s been one of my best friends and she’s really funny, not to mention an awesome singer.
“You know, Rose” I said, “what I’ve told you over he past few months, is true.”
“What, about how us becoming friends has saved your life? I figured that out by looking at your arms.” Rose replied.
Then I thought about the day Sue and me became true friends, and how she was on the verge of breakdown mode with no one to go to, and I came up to offer her a shoulder to cry on right when she needed it.
“ You know Sue, and you too Rose, for that matter… I’ll always be here whenever you need someone. I’m really looking forward to more nights like this.” I said, to break the silence, which I think actually startled Sue a bit, because I saw her jump in the back seat. We finally got to the restaurant and were seated and ordered our food. I always take my cell phone out and put it on the table while I’m out in case it rings, especially with sickly people in my family, you never know what will happen or when. So I set it on the table, hoping it wouldn’t ring. I have a phone where each person has it’s own ring tone. My friend Rose has “I Can Only Imagine,” because that is her favorite song, and Sue has “Holy Is His Name.” Suddenly as we were just coming back from getting our salads at the salad bar, “Raise up an army” came blasting from my cell phone. A nervous “Oh, no” peeled from my mouth as I slammed into the seat to quickly answer the phone. That response sent a panic on the faces of Rose and Sue, as I had told them about the person on the other end and his condition. “Raise up an army” was the song I chose for my boyfriend Jesse’s number, because it was his absolute favorite song that the 11:30 band plays. I knew this couldn’t be good, but I thought maybe Jesse just wants to check up on me. I picked up the phone…
“Hello Jes… wait, this isn’t Jesse, Carol??? Oh God what’s wrong!”
“Mandy, where are you?” Carol, Jesse’s mother asked, “Are you busy?” Her voice sounded really worried and squeaky… I knew this wasn’t good at all.
“I’m out to dinner with Rose and Sue, but we can cancel the order if you want, what’s going on?”
“No, that’s ok, Mandy, don’t ruin your plans, where are you? Have them add another setting I’ll be down shortly.” and then she hung up the phone.
So the next time the waitress went by, we explained what happened and asked to be moved to a bigger booth to fit Carol. Once we were situated in our new seats, Rose finally broke the silence.
“Who was that?” she asked.
I hesitated answering, because I didn’t want them to know the worry I had in my heart.
“That was Carol Sheehan, Jesse’s mom,” I said with a sigh of worry in my voice. “She’s coming to join us, and she sounded really upset on the phone, not mad upset, but sad upset… I think it has to do with Jesse.”
Both Sue and Rose were silent after I had mentioned my thoughts on what this could be about, they knew how much I loved him, and if he died, that it would be a long healing process. But they I think felt the same way, and knew what was coming next.
Carol finally arrived, and she looked ok, she still smiled at me, and she said hi to Rose and Sue and sat down across from me. Which was another hint that it was not an easy topic.
“Mandy,” Carol began, “I know you probably already have an idea what I’m going to tell you… and I hate to do it, I really do… it’s hard for me to say myself.”
I just stared, as if saying “No, don’t go any further, I don’t want to…”
“Mandy, Jesse passed away this afternoon.”
My face just died, I completely lost it. So many thoughts were going through my head. The future we had together, the wedding day on July 4th weekend, with all the bridesmaids, the awesome music, my twenty foot train on my wedding dress with my grandmother’s veil draping my face. Our three hopeful children, Jacqueline Theresa Rose, Lydia Carolyn and Cheryl Jillian. The hugs I get from everyone in his family on Sunday mornings. Having my students call me “Mrs. Isabelle,” and now, it’s all gone.
At this point Rose and Sue were already in tears just looking at my reaction. I knew it was going to be a long ride home and a very, very long weekend ahead.
“Mandy…” carol said, “I know it’s hard for you as his girlfriend, I knew your dreams, and Jesse’s. He wrote about your future together all the time in his journal. He loved you very much. He had the ring picked out, which he was going to give you Sunday, at the end of mass, and have Father Marc bless the engagement.”
This just made matters worse, knowing I would have been on my way to “Mr. And Mrs. Jesse and Mandy Isabelle,” and I just couldn’t take it anymore.
Then, suddenly, Carol took this box out of her pocket, and I knew it was the ring.
“He would want you to have it, so open it and wear it. You guys are eternally married, and will be forever through God now.”
I opened up the box, and there was this BEAUTIFUL diamond, gold banded ring. And folded up inside was a little note Jesse had left me, just hours before he left this world. Carol did not know about this note. I debated reading it out loud, but the girls insisted that I read it to them.
So I began: “Dear Mandy, I know I’m leaving you today. I woke up feeling peaceful today, because last night, I saw my grandmother, and she was telling me how when I got to heaven, we’d eat cookies and play games and have a lot of fun with Jesus and all his friends. There’s a great Contemporary music group here, and I already told them about how beautiful your voice is, and they said they’d hold a microphone for you, in the front row! But I’m scared of leaving you, and my mom, dad, and pops, and Tyler and Katie, and Dawn and all my step brothers and sisters. But I’m not going to worry, because I know you will all get through this together. I know you will watch my family and stay close to them. I know we had many plans together for the future, and me dieing is going to delete those plans from your mind, but at least you will be able to be forever engaged to the one you always loved. I will miss you a lot, but as you always said, ‘when the Lord calls, you must answer him’. I love you Mandy. Love, Jesse L. Isabelle.”
Once I had finished reading the note, I looked up, with tears in my own eyes, only to see everyone else in my table crying, as well as the waitresses and people gathered around to hear what I was reading. We all continued eating our dinner, Carol left before our food was brought because she had already eaten with Dennis at home.
“Wow, you and Jesse really were going together weren’t you?” Rose asked, “I never knew you two were that much in love.”
“Yeah, we had wedding plans made for July 3rd, 2008, I was going to have you and Sue sing with the 4:00 group, I ha all my bridesmaids picked out , the music was coming along great, John was walking me down the aisle… and now it’s all gone.” I attempted to say, without bursting into tears. After I finished, I just let it all out. Once we finally were done eating, we plowed back into the van, and Rose dropped us off at the church because she had to work the night shift, but I did not want to go home, I just couldn’t… so I went and hung out with Sue and we just sat on the couch, I fell asleep crying into her shoulder. But before I went to sleep, I heard a voice like Jesse’s say “It’s fun up here Mandy, I already reserved your seat, and when we get up here together again, we’ll have our dream wedding.”

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May. 8th, 2007 03:20 pm A Night On The Dead (Descriptive Writing)

Night on the dead

It was around 11:30 on a Friday night and my friends Sue and Rose, and I were coming from a late night show at the movie theater. We had watched “Night at the Museum” and it was totally funny. We walked to the movie theater because we needed the exercise and it was a nice night. It was brisk out that night, but not too cold, there was a beach breeze type wind every couple of minutes. The sky was beautiful. We just stood outside for a few minutes, admiring and taking in the beauty of the night, before setting out on our journey home.
“It’s so beautiful out,” Sue said, “and being with the two of you makes it so much better.”
“Yeah, I must admit, I’m not much of a movie person myself, but being with the company of good friends was nice.” Rose replied.
Once we had finally decided it was time to start the trek home… I noticed a cemetery up ahead. It wasn’t an old spooky cemetery, but it did have it’s sections.
“Hey guys, there’s a cemetery up ahead, who’s game for a trip through it?” I asked, “besides, it’ll cut our trip in half, and it’ll be fun!”
“Hey! I’m game!” Rose answered, excitedly.
Sue was reluctant at first but finally agreed to follow. We cut through the secret path that no one knew about, which lead us into the really old section of the cemetery, way up on a very steep hill.
“WOW!” Sue said, as she looked at the view from the top. “You can see everything up here!”
So we continued our trek through the cemetery and made visiting stops along the way, to my boyfriend Jesse’s stone, our bass guitarist’s area (his stone is not yet up), and our last stop was a stone to laugh at, our friend Rose had already bought hers. We finally found the exit to the cemetery and walked back up to the church where our cars were parked. We really didn’t want this night to end, but knew it had to.
“Do we really have to go?” Sue asked.
“Yeah, I know what you mean, we’re all having so much fun, just being together, that leaving seems like it will leave a void.” I said.
“Well, look at it this way, in another 11 hours we’ll see each other at rehearsals for 4:00 mass” Rose replied.
“Well, you’ll be rehearsing anyways” I said.
“Aren’t you singing with us?” Sue asked.
“No I’m reading this weekend ,remember?” I said.
“oh yeah!” they both said at the same time.
“So you two will be singing, and I’ll be up there reading. I also get to make my announcement about sign ups for the CSI seminar, that’ll be fun.” I said.
“That’ll be exiting!” they both replied, at the same time.
So we gave each other a hug, and each drove off to their own living arrangements, except Sue, as she slept over Mandy’s house for the night.

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May. 7th, 2007 09:16 pm My Sanity (Descriptive Place)

My Sanity

The place I chose to describe is my favorite place, and the place where I spend most of my time. Ste. Marie’s is like my second home. I’m there every single day for one thing or another. It is a place I can go that offers the peace and quiet that I need to get away from my stressful home life. Many people wonder how I could possibly describe a church. To them it may just be a building; to me… it is so much more. The church is so tall, that you can see its steeple from the East Side of Manchester. Just seeing that steeple illuminated by the beautiful spot lights that turn on at night, it makes you just melt, to me, it’s my pillar of strength, and hope that there is light at the end of this long excruciating tunnel of life I am traveling, all for him. When you first stand in front of it, the beauty of the outside alone awes you. There’s the beautiful water fountain that is in the front, which is always on for weddings and after all weekend masses during the summer months, the kids love to run around next to it after masses.
On the left of the church is the parish rectory, where the priests live… we call it the mansion, because it’s beautiful and humongous, there are three floors. The first floor is a bunch of gathering rooms, and almost has a funeral home set up to it, but very cozy with a fireplace and piano. The other two floors are bedrooms, and there is a small private chapel as well.
On the right of the church is the Holy Angels school building, which used to be the former Ste. Marie High School for Girls. Now it is used as a day care center for working parents, as well as the Young Adult Building, which is located on the third floor. Other programs take place in the building from time to time as well. Over a little further is the gymnasium, which is used for our men’s basketball team, as well as dances, fairs, and other fundraising events. Closest to the side entrance/exit of the church is our office of Evangelization, Sisters of the Presentation of Mary provincial house, and our Mother Rivier Eucharistic Adoration chapel. They are all connected to the same building, the top floor being the convent and the bottom floor being split between the Evangelization office and adoration chapel. I spend a lot of time in both places of this building, except the convent, because I am one of our parish Evangelists that helps to plan things like tent revivals, Lenten devotions, life in the spirit seminars and other things our parish does to evangelize. I am also an hour captain for the 3-4PM and 8-9PM hours which means if someone that holds that hour cannot make their night, they call me to replace them. I also have my own hours from 3-4PM on Sunday afternoons, 4-5PM on Thursday afternoons, and during the summer 3-5AM on Friday mornings.
As you move almost off our campus, onto Cartier Street, you will see another big red brick building. That is the heavy school building, which was an elementary school at one time. It is still used for religious education on Monday nights, which I teach fourth grade, session one, which runs from 4-5:15. It also holds healing prayer classes on Tuesday’s and many other meetings, such as the Our Lady of Fatima Apostolate and this summer, the new coming attraction for 14 weeks, my workshop on prayer methods called “CSI (Catholic Spirituality Investigation): Paradise.” It also holds our parish bookstore, which has tons of awesome gifts, books, rosaries, Cds, magnets and other various items. I volunteer my time there as well.
This place is so beautiful. You walk into the church and are greeted by an array of eye opening statues and windows that just blow your mind away. You can hear Gregorian chant music piped into the sound speakers as you’re praying. The bells toll at twelve, three, six and nine, both AM and PM, as well as 7AM to signal that mass will be starting in 15 minutes. You can smell the incense as it rises to the roof, binding your prayers into its smoke, the smell of the sacred wine, as its being blessed and consecrated into the blood of Jesus. You can hear the sounds of the bands playing beautiful music at the weekend masses, the choir, the organ, which needs to be tuned badly, the lectors, proclaiming God’s word at the pulpit. And occasionally the sorrowful sounds of the funeral tolls, as a longtime member of the parish is laid to rest. Sometimes the cries of a baby as he or she is being lowered into the water to receive the sacrament of Baptism. You can taste the body and blood, under the image of bread and wine, and can almost taste the incense as it smells, and rises. You can touch the books and binders with music books inside, the chalice as you receive the wine. You can touch friends and relatives to give the ma hug; some touch the sacred host as they receive it in their hands. The whole campus of Ste. Marie’s is a very special place in my heart, but really my favorite place of all is the Adoration Chapel. When I’m in there, I feel free, and all my cares are washed away in his blood and water, that flowed from his side for me. I feel very safe and loved when I’m in there. I also get apparitions from the Blessed Mother Mary and my patron saint, Joan of Arc, while I’m in there. They appear to me and tell me things, such as what to do with a current situation or telling me to start something. No one can hear or see them but me. I an go in there and talk, or cry whenever I need to. My second home is and always will be Ste. Marie’s.

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May. 4th, 2007 08:13 pm Concern

Abortion is a big topic in today’s society.
It’s wrong, and kills a life, not given a chance to survive.
Pro-choice: it’s your own decision, my parents don’t even have to know, I screwed up, but don’t want to pay the price… so we’ll destroy the evidence… it’s not a life, it’s just a blob of cells, it doesn’t mean anything.
I am Pro-life, and proud to be.
Decisions, decisions… you play, you pay for it. That “blob of cells”, if given the chance, could have been one of America’s greatest leaders, the next Nashville Star, the scientist that discovered the long-awaited cure for cancer…but…
It’s just a blob of cells, so we’ll flush it out of my body and down the toilet like a lifeless tissue paper.

You destroyed my dreams
Made me feel worthless and scared
I felt trapped for the longest time, like I’d never be set free.
Everywhere I turned was a trap door with no knob.
Even after you died, I was still trapped inside the negativity zone that you had created for me.
New friends helped, and made me see…
But you still kept haunting me.
I met Jesse; the love of my life… but that was a short-lived relationship because the Lord took him away.
Sue is my best friend, she cares for me a lot, and helps me push past the negative barriers you put up around me.
You thought you had done me over, had me ruined… and you did.
Then I recruited a new army of friends, and now Sue and I are destined to conquer over this battle, and claim Victorious over your stupidity and jealousy.

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Apr. 14th, 2007 12:44 pm home of the dead

The house of the dead

Mandy and her two friends Rose Marie and Susan had just been chosen, or nominated, for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition TV Show. They were getting a house built from scratch that would include surprise rooms that the builders had fished information to create, such as their own chapel in the back, bedrooms designed to detail their hobbies, and a special classroom that will fit 40 students, to benefit Mandy’s CSI Prayer workshop being held from May 25th-August 25th. Their new house also included a huge yard, a huge heated pool with a built in Jacuzzi and a game room downstairs with a pool table. It would be located in Hooksett, which was a little out of their way for work, but that wasn’t to be a problem, as they were also given three brand new cars, based on their favorite makes and models. Mandy received a Red Toyota Matrix station wagon, perfect for carrying materials to and from her current job as a high school English Teacher at Trinity High School in Manchester. Rose Marie got a brand new Mercury Mountaineer to replace her trashed 1997 Mercury Villager, and she is a Respiratory/Sleep Aid Therapist at the Veteran’s Administrations hospital in Manchester. Sue got the brand new Jeep Laredo and they are all enjoying their new cars, and are not allowed to go by the worksite until they’re called “home”.
They are currently living in their own houses. Mandy and Rose are about a minute from each other, both in Manchester, and Sue currently lives in Merrimack. Sue, Rose and Mandy met at Ste. Marie’s, where the three of them still attend. Sue and Rose sing in the 4:00 Sacred Jimmy Band on Saturday’s and Mandy serves on various committees and functions, mainly lectoring at masses throughout the week and on weekends. Normally, if you’ve seen the show, they send the family away on a vacation. But since they are completely building a brand new house for them, there is no reason for them to go away, so they basically spend a lot of time packing their clothes and personal belongings, and just being together.
When they got the call that the house was finally finished they asked the company to drop the key off and they would go and explore it on their own instead of having a guided tour of every room. They were very pleased, and the bonus room no one knew about was their own music studio room with recording areas and their own stage set up. That would come in handy for Mandy’s Prayer course, and the classroom was gorgeous too. It had a chalkboard on one side of the room and a marker board on the other side. There were exactly 40 chairs and desks, plus a big teacher’s desk in the corner. Now that the house was finished, the actual moving in part was here. They spent a whole day unpacking boxes and discovering hidden closets and doors. Each bedroom had it’s own style and a private bathroom. What more could they want? The yard was gorgeous…except for the small rectangular shaped stones that were sticking up, barely visible here and there.
Once moved in, Mandy now could officially start her Prayer workshop/seminar/course that she had planned on doing in the park, before knowing about the whole house-building project. She wrote out invitations to close friends of Ste. Marie’s, as well as a few from St. Patrick’s, teachers, and select family members, explaining how the registration process works and how much the suggested donation was. She received more replies than she expected, and soon the new classroom was already filled. The first session they decided would be used first as a social hour, to get everyone used to where the bathrooms were, and they got the grand tour of the house. They ordered pizza for the participants and had a little “get-to-know-you” hour with name tags, before the actual class started. Everyone was amazed at the chapel and music studio, and only a select few noticed the weird, random stones in the yard. Then, after eating, they all piled into the classroom, took a quick attendance using the registrations received, and explained the “first day of school 101” basics like rules, attendance policy, cancellations, where to meet and what they were studying. Mandy wrote down notebook option choices for everyone, wrote names and ID numbers inside notebooks and folders, and passed out a Thirty-question “get-to-know-you” survey to find out where each person was in their prayer life. Nothing really happened that was “interesting” until the next week.
Mandy and the girls were getting ready to leave for 5:30 mass and getting the class set up with the needed materials for tonight’s lesson on “The Rosary.” As Mandy was organizing the class with each of the sets of mysteries written on the chalkboard and a drawing of a Rosary with the prayers on it on the marker board, Mandy heard this sound, like a rushing wind, but when she looked outside, nothing was moving, no leaves, no trees… it was silent and still.
“That was weird” she said, but continued on with her work.
So they finished getting set up and off to mass they went. They had to get there early to place the “reserved” signs on the benches so everyone taking the CSI course could sit together. Father Marc mentioned all of them, had them stand up and come to the front to receive a special blessing, and also agreed to do a special Commencement mass at the end of our 14-week course. After mass, they all traveled to the new house for their class of the week. Carol Sheehan, one of the participants who noticed the stones in the yard the first night there, said she suddenly got a cold draft as she was walking towards the classroom, like someone whisked by her in a hurry.
“OK, that was a bit drafty,” Carol said as she returned from the kitchen.
“Well, the windows are open, maybe you walking by caused the curtains to move, giving a breeze,” Rose said. “Now get to your seat so we can start.”
“Excuse me, Ms. Cusson…I believe I am the teacher here,” Mandy said.
Everyone started laughing, and Rose turned red from embarrassment.
“Sorry ’Sister Mandy,’” Rose replied quietly.
So they continued on their way with the night, taking attendance and passing out notebooks and folders. Mandy went to plug in the CD player for tonight’s opening song, but the cord kept unplugging itself…she was starting to get irritated with it and finally got it to stay in. Then it was interactive time. Mandy’s true passion for teaching really started coming out, as she started running and skipping up to people to ask questions such as “what is the first Joyful mystery of the Rosary… Tyler?” They really got to see her psychopath way of teaching, and they enjoyed it very much. Then it was time for the meditation songs for the Rosary, and the same thing happened again with the CD Player. Mandy was beginning to wonder if all these things happening would one day come to a stop. Rose was just enjoying the fun moments, but Sue was with Mandy, and she also thought something was quite different about this newly built home.
So the music was finally over and they started the next set of mysteries, or attempted to anyways. Mandy needed to write down answers on the board, but every time she went to grab a piece of chalk, it moved away. Now some of the participants were starting to get a little worried with the possible “haunting” going on around here.
Once the lesson was over and they were writing in their reflection books, Marlena, a CSI participant, raised her hand.
“Yes, Marlena?” Mandy asked.
“Not to bring this up to scare anyone, but is there a possibility this house is haunted?”
Mandy knew this question would be asked sooner or later, and the thought had crossed their minds, all of them except Rose that is. But it’s a brand new house, how could it possibly be haunted?
“I suppose anything is possible, but by who or what, no body knows… that’ll be our project for the week is to find out who’s haunting this place.”
So they said their closing prayers and played their closing song, again with the same CD Player problem, and everyone was dismissed until the next Friday.
“OK, we have seven days to figure out what’s going on in this place…when should we start?” asked Rose.
“WOW, that’s surprising coming from you,” Sue said, “it’s late now, I guess we could do some indoor investigations until we’re tired since we just did our Rosary.”
So they started on their way searching through rooms to see if anything was missing or moved.
“Nothing bizarre in the bedrooms,” Rose shouted as they searched through the house.
“Nothing in the kitchen either,” replied Sue… “But while we’re in here, anyone want left over pizza and ice cream?”
They took a break to brainstorm while eating.
“Well, let’s see what we have so far…” Mandy said.
They discovered that there was nothing unusual in the bedrooms or the kitchen.
“Carol had come from the kitchen earlier and said she felt a cold, icy draft before entering the classroom. I had also felt that draft while getting the classroom set up. The CD player kept unplugging itself, and the chalks moved when I tried to use them.”
“Obviously it’s someone who wants to get on the teacher’s nerves,” Rose replied with a laugh.
Rose was always the one to make them laugh in times when laughter wasn’t really the solution.
They weren’t getting anywhere, so they decided to go to bed for the night and work all day tomorrow putting clues together, since all three of them had that Saturday off.
The next morning at breakfast..
“Have any of you felt anything lately?” asked Sue. “I felt like someone was hovering over me last night while I was sleeping.”
“I don’t think spirits of deceased friends or relatives can follow you, can they?” Mandy asked.
“Now Mandy, you of all people should know this… of course they can!” Rose answered, imitating Father Marc.
“Great! So that opened the door to numerous possibilities. It could be my father, my boyfriend, Chris our bass player, Alyssa…”
“Well, let’s eliminate some of them,” Sue said.
Mandy’s father died in October of 2005, before this house was even thought of.
“He always said I was a good teacher, so if he thought I was a good teacher, he wouldn’t be the one, and he would want me to teach my class without interruptions.”
“Yeah, your father would be more one to haunt us while we’re singing in the music studio,” Rose said.
They all laughed at that point, because she was right.
“Yeah, either that or he’d be the one that would randomly make a sock stuff into our mouth to stop us from singing.” I said.
So they figured out it wasn’t Mandy’s father that was doing it and eliminated him from the list. Next on the list was Chris Allain, the well-known and well-missed bass guitarist from the Ste. Marie’s Contemporary music ministry “Covenant” that died August 19th, 2006.
“Could it be Chris?” asked Sue.
“I doubt that, he really didn’t know me well enough to be able to come back and haunt us like this, except when it comes to singing his music off key, then he might get a little mad,” I said.
“Well, that removes Chris too,” Rose said with a smile.
“So how about Jesse?” she asked. “You always said he told you he’d always be with you, plus Carol, his mother, felt the draft coming from the kitchen.”
“Good point of evidence there, Rose,” Mandy said, “but Jesse wouldn’t make the chalk move away. He’s like my dad, he always knew I’d make a great teacher someday.”
They quickly also deleted Alyssa from the list because she barely knew Mandy except for when they were playing in the pool halls. So if Alyssa were to haunt anyone, it would have to be during a game of pool, especially for Mandy, to get back at her for all the championships she’d won against her.
“Well, we have some evidence, but now no suspects…” thought Sue. “Who could possibly be doing this?”
“Hey! I have an idea!” exclaimed Rose, “it’s nice out, and when we moved here there were those suspicious stones sticking out of the yard, which if I don’t say so myself is quite large for a house.”
“Good thinking,” they both said at the same time.
So the three of them grabbed their cell phones and went out on an expedition of their backyard to see what they could find. They hadn’t really taken the time to explore the outside of their new house yet, so this would be the perfect thing to kill two birds with one stone… they hoped.
They were having fun just walking through the yard, admiring the huge pool they couldn’t wait to jump into.
“Once we finish this mystery case of who’s haunting our mansion, we’re jumping into this thing,” Rose said, determined.
“I’m all for that,” they both said at the same time, with a laugh.
So they continued on down the path. Suddenly Sue slowed down. They all wondered what she had found.
“Hmmm… interesting, a pile of dead flowers…” Sue said.
“That’s weird, why would a pile of dead flowers be in our yard, we’re not a cemetery,” Rose said.
For a while they thought to each other that it could be a possibility but quickly let it go, as it was impossible, the builders would be able to tell it was a cemetery… or would they?
“Well, let’s keep hunting,” Mandy said, “Our prize, the pool, is waiting for us.”
So they continued on their way, still baffled by the flowers, when suddenly Rose tripped on what appeared to be the stump of a rock.
“Hey Rose, you alright?” Mandy asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine, just wish I had seen that dumb rock sticking there… hey wait, there’s a name on this thing.”
“WHAT?” they both exclaimed.
“Yeah, it’s extremely old too, like back in the 1700’s.”
“Wait a minute…” Mandy said, “wasn’t there a story in the paper a few years ago about a Hooksett cemetery just disappearing off the maps because of all the rain and snow, the plots were sinking?”
“Oh gosh, you’re right!” Rose said, “Then this must be the cemetery!”
“You mean to tell me we’re living on top of dead people?” Sue asked, confused.
“Yeah, and they must have wanted to tell us they are still here and welcome us to their neighborhood,” Mandy said.
“Mandy, did I ever tell you how weird you are?” asked Sue. “But I love you anyways.”
So with the mystery solved, they decided that every day they’d take a walk in their yard to visit their “neighbors” and ended up making monuments for all their friends and family that had died as well, to make it look like a cemetery should. They even added a glow in the dark stone right next to the pool in honor of Jesse.
“There, now Jesse will always be with us, and protecting our house,” Mandy said confidently.
They went back to the house to get their swimsuits and went for a swim before calling everyone in the CSI course to tell them the good news. Next week’s session would start with a tour of the “cemetery” and then move in for regular scheduled lessons.
“At least we won’t have to worry about loud parties,” said Rose.
We all laughed and proceeded to go to sleep for the night.

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Apr. 13th, 2007 03:15 pm My first post, oh boy!

+ Hey guys,
this is my first post on my new name, i'm so excited.  I got rid of my other one because i had to many people that were not responding to my posts so i figured i'd start fresh with new people.  
I'll use this place to post my writing pieces so everyone can read them and comment on them, please comment so i know what you guys think!


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